Sounds in Silence

Composer John Cage wrote a famous piece of music consisting of 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence. The idea was to become aware of silence—and then also to begin noticing all the sounds coming from the audience itself. There is no perfect silence that I know of. I would love to hear it though,… Continue reading Sounds in Silence

Ways to Pray

If the thought of praying makes you itch, read on … What comes to your mind when you hear the word “prayer?” For some of us, just hearing the word makes us itch! Maybe we remember uncomfortable clothes, hard benches and a pulpit-thumping preacher. Or maybe the musty smell of temple when we just wanted… Continue reading Ways to Pray

Personality and Possibility

When my son was very young, we had a big straw basket where we kept all the “dress-up” clothes. Firemen hats, dinosaur heads, cowboy boots, even ball gowns. And all the accoutrements, of course, including ropes, shovels, scarves, beads, belts. He and his friends would dig through the basket and put on the most outrageous… Continue reading Personality and Possibility

Electronic Jitterbug Angst

How did we go from being fire-craving nomads to being couch potatoes triple-wired for sound and blinded with electricity? How did we go from an atavistic fear of the dark to a mind-numbing immersion in popping screens and blinking cursors? What is this explosion of gaga-data, this outburst of deafening distractions, costing us? And what… Continue reading Electronic Jitterbug Angst

Stronger at the Break

You know the saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” right? It’s from Nietzsche. I used to think I was cool, quoting Nietzsche. (Of course it was the only quote from Nietzsche that I knew!) But you know how things stay with you until you’re done with them? You know how that works? You… Continue reading Stronger at the Break

No Time For Tears

“I really don’t like to cry … “ It was her first time in counseling. The tears came unbidden — we had covered a lot in that first session. And then, a few days later, came the phone call. “I just … I really don’t like to talk about things that make me cry …… Continue reading No Time For Tears

Life Themes

Each of us carries unique gifts and wounds that color our perception of every moment we live. I believe that we are called to heal our wounds, and to cultivate our gifts so that we can offer them to the world and thereby live a fulfilled life. A very simple, yet powerful quote from Pablo… Continue reading Life Themes


When I was growing up, words like self-realization and self-actualization were in common usage; lots of people felt enlightenment was just around the corner, and so was the new consciousness that would lead to world peace. Lofty words, lofty ideals and yet — here we still are. And as for me, despite years of yoga, meditation, counseling, journalling, and… Continue reading Self-Understandable

The Fidget

I spent most of my childhood climbing trees, racing bikes, and tearing around the neighborhood like a crazed windmill, legs and arms flying. In family movies, I was that blur running across the screen while the rest of the family smiled and waved at the camera. My body just seemed to have an internal propeller… Continue reading The Fidget

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it ... "