Counseling for Anxiety

In our modern culture, with so many stressors, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Research shows that anxiety and anxiety-related symptoms are dramatically on the rise. This may not be surprising given all we cope with in our over-busy, pressured lives! But what can you do about it?

If you are experiencing anxiety — whether in specific situations, or in more general ways that interfere with your daily life — I can offer you significant tools to help. My approach is holistic — I look at all areas that may be contributing to these issues, including:

  • Personal habits – Your patterns of exercise, nutrition, sleep, and use of social media and electronic devices.
  • Current stressors – Your job, health, home life and relationships.
  • Patterns of thinking and behavior – Your self-talk, personal beliefs, and ingrained expectations and reactions.
  • Social and cultural factors – How well you feel supported by the culture you live in, and your social systems of support.

Within our first session I can usually identify the main areas to work with, and I partner with you to develop an initial plan for improving your symptoms.

There are many things in life we can’t control, but we can do something about anxiety and anxiety-related symptoms. Just taking that first step to seek professional guidance might help you breathe... a sigh of relief!

"Guide us to the wellsprings of health
in the landscape of our soul
and to the hidden reservoirs of strength
in the people and places of our life
that we may be made well this night,
that we may be made well.”

~ John Philip Newell,
in Sounds of the Eternal