Counseling for Life Transitions

Change happens. All change, even fruitful, positive change, involves letting go. And letting go requires a certain internal “re-arrangement,” an adjustment to make room for the new as we release what was. Sometimes this can have a mildly unsettling effect; other times it can rip at our very foundations.

I offer guidance and coaching to individuals and families experiencing change in its many aspects, from new family configurations to career shifts; relationships ending or beginning; illness or injury; aging, whether that of elders in our lives, or ourselves; and yes, even the profound change of a recent death.

The issues that emerge in the midst of change often touch on the very basis of our human existence—issues of how we find meaning in the midst of loss; issues of who we are—our core identity in relation to self, to significant people in our life, to society and the world we live in; of the meaning and purpose of our lives. For older adults in particular, this is a critical inquiry, but we all must engage in it at some point, chosen or otherwise.

If you are experiencing a significant change in your life, counseling can provide you with a touchstone, a place where it is safe to engage in the delicate archaeology of discovery. What you find will serve you during not just this change, but all the changes that lie, inevitably, ahead.

I would be honored to begin this work with you …