Wrestling with Forgiveness


C.S. Lewis said that “We all agree forgiveness is a beautiful idea - until we have to practice it.”  

But there are legitimate reasons that we struggle with this central Christian doctrine.  What does it really mean to forgive?  Does it mean we need to remain in relationship with someone who has hurt us? Are we required to forgive the evil that exists in the world? How can we heal ourselves—our family—our community? Even if we are willing to forgive, we may not have the tools to do so.  Forgiveness isn’t just about “lip service”—it is about a transformation within that affects how we interact with everyone around us, including ourselves.

So how do we achieve that?

In this 8-week workshop we will wrestle with:

  • The multi-layered meanings of forgiveness
  • Love and judgment
  • The theology of confession and communion
  • Forgiving ourselves
  • Forgiveness and the language of oppression
  • Forgiving God

We’ll offer practical tools, prayer and meditation, and most of all support. And just as the angel blessed Jacob, so our wrestling with forgiveness will offer us blessings . . . of peace.