Counseling Services

Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help. As a counselor, I think about this a lot. Most of us don't hesitate to see a doctor when we have a sore throat—but when our emotions are involved, we may feel that we should just “get over it!” What if anger, or depression, or relationship stress, were physical symptoms? Wouldn’t we take steps to ease our suffering? To feel better and get well?

Seeing a counselor can be one of the best things you ever do for yourself. We know our emotions affect our overall health. And more—they affect our relationships, how we view our self, and how satisfied we are with our life.

Counseling is a way to gain perspective, tools, and support in navigating life’s challenges, or in personal growth and development. Isn’t this something we can all use from time to time? And don’t you deserve it?

Whatever you bring, or wherever you've been, I can offer hope and tools to create the future you deserve.

I look forward to hearing from you…